Medicines for the heart and blood circulation

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The heart and blood circulation

Our heart pumps around three to five liters of blood per minute. This blood contains oxygen and nutrients for all organs and muscles in our body.

The heart consists of four hollow sections: the left atrium, the left chamber, the right atrium and the right chamber. Oxygen-rich blood is present in the left atrium and chamber. Oxygen-poor blood is present in the right atrium and chamber. Blood is pumped from the right chamber to the lungs through the arteries/ From the lungs the blood then flows back to the left atrium through the arteries. These arteries branch to all organs and become smaller as they are situated further away from the heart. Ultimately, they become so small that only one blood cell can fit through them. We call these very small blood vessels 'capillaries'.

The blood is pumped around our entire body via the blood circulation. This blood circulation consists of the pulmonary circulation and the systemic circulation. The blood circulation ensures that all necessary substances get to the right places in our body on time and they are also collected here. A good and healthy transport system is therefore of great importance. The heart and blood vessels together form this transport system.

It is very important that your heart and blood vessels work optimally to pump enough blood to the body. A healthy heart is also important to prevent cardiovascular disease. This includes all conditions in the heart or blood vessels, such as a heart attack or stroke. A common symptom of a stroke is angina, a painful feeling in the chest. There are a number of factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, for example diabetes, obesity, smoking, stress, insufficient exercise and increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

In our range you can find various medicines that have been developed for the heart and blood vessels. At Optiphar you can buy brands such as Bayer and Asaflow Takeda. In addition to these medicines, we also offer a wide range of dietary supplements to support a good functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

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