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Barinutrics Dietary Supplements developed for use after bariatric surgery

What is bariatrics?

Bariatrics – also called bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery – is a branch of medicine that includes the research and treatment of obesity. The goal is to reduce the body weight radically in the long term.

Different types of bariatric surgeries:

1. Procedure during which the size of the stomach is reduced
So called sleeve gastrectomy - The smaller stomach ensure the patient cant eat less and reaches a feeling of satiety much sooner.

2. Procedure during which the size of the stomach reduced and absorption in the small intestine is limited
So called gastric bypass and  en duodenal switch.


Because you eat less after a stomach reduction, you also absorb fewer vitamins and minerals. For example, necessary nutrients can be absorbed less well. After a stomach reduction, there is a n increased risk that your body will struggle with a vitamin and mineral deficiency.

This can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, insomnia, difficulties with concentrating, listlessness, muscle cramps, dizziness and more. Therefore, after a stomach reduction, it is required to take dietary supplements for the rest of your life.

Barinutrics dietary supplements for use after a stomach reduction

Barinutrics biedt een uitgebreid gamma aan voedingssupplementen die speciaal werden ontwikkeld voor personen die een maagverkleining hebben ondergaan. De voedingssupplementen van Barinutrics voorkomen tekorten en zorgen er zo voor dat je lichaam goed kan blijven functioneren. Ze bevatten zeer specifieke ingrediënten die nauwkeurig werden samengesteld. Zo bevatten de Barinutrics voedingssupplementen veel vitamines in actieve vorm en mineralen met een hoge biologische beschikbaarheid. Op deze manier wordt een onmiddellijke en optimale absorptie gegarandeerd.

Veelvoorkomende tekorten na een maagoperatie zijn tekorten aan calcium, vitamine B12, foliumzuur, vitamine B1, koper, zink, ijzer en de vetoplosbare vitaminen A, D en E. Ook een tekort aan eiwitten is mogelijk na een dergelijke operatie. Naast voedingssupplementen die een specifiek tekort aanvullen, vind je in het Barinutrics gamma ook een multivitaminen- en mineralenpreparaat dat 200% van de dagelijkse aanbevolen hoeveelheid van vitaminen en mineralen bevat.

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Barinutrics Range

The Barinutrics range of dietary supplements is divided into several categories, depending on which vitamins and minerals the products contain. 
 ⯆ Check out the different categories and information on the different Barinutrics products below:  

Multi    Calcium   Vitamine B12   Ijzer   Whey    Nutri Total    Prenatal

Barinutrics Multi Dietary Supplements

Barinutrics Multi is a unique combination of vitamines in their active form and minerals that are easily absorbable. Barinutrics Multi is available at Optiphar in the shape of capsules, powder and chewing tablets. One to two capsules, servings or chewing tablets are sufficient to meet the daily required amount of vitamins and minerals. 

  • Easily absorbable minerals: bisglycinates (chelates), fumarates and citrates. 
  • Vitamins in their active form: vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (Metafolin) and vitamin B12.

Barinutrics Multi Dietary Supplements

▶ Barinutrics Calcium

Calcium is important for bone formation and the maintenance of strong bones. In case of a long-term calcium deficiency, the body will start to take calcium from the bones. This can lead to osteoporosis or and/or bone fractures. In addition, confusion, forgetfulness, muscle cramps, muscle weakness are also symptoms you might experience in case of a calcium deficiency.

Barinutrics Calcium Citrate is a calcium supplement formulated based on easily absorbable calcium citrate. This has the advantage that, unlike calcium carbonate, it does not need acidic stomach contents to be absorbed. Barinutrics Calcium Citrate also contains vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium into your bones.

Barinutrics Calcium

▶ Barinutrics Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is necessary for the production of red blood cells and for an optimal functioning of the nerves and brain. Vitamin B12 must be attached to "Intrinsic Factor" for absorption by the body. Intrinsic Factor is produced in the stomach. When part of the stomach is removed, little to no intrinsic factor can be produced. Vitamin B12 deficiencies are therefore inevitable. Persistent vitamin B12 deficiencies can lead to anemia, due to a decrease in the number of red blood cells. Neurological problems, such as muscle weakness, confusion, forgetfulness and increased irritability can also occur.

Barinutrics Vitamin B12 contains a high dose of vitamin B12 per tablet (1000 μg) and contains intrinsic factor (I.F.) for an optimal absorption of vitamin B12.

Barinutrics Vitamin B12

Barinutrics Vitamine B12

▶ Barinutrics Iron 

Iron is an important mineral for the body. It supports the production of red blood cells and helps to fight fatigue. An iron deficiency is characterised by a lack of energy, fatigue, headache, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, etc. A severe iron deficiency can weaken the immune system, increasing the risk of disease.

Barinutrics Iron is a chewable tablet formulated based on iron fumarate, an easily absorbable form of iron that is also well tolerated in the stomach and intestine. Iron in Barinutrics Iron is present in the form of divalent iron, Fe++. This is the only form that can be absorbed by the body. In plant foods, iron occurs as Fe+++ and must first be converted into the divalent iron in the body. This happens in an acidic environment, but since the stomach contents are less acidic after a bariatric procedure, this is more difficult.

Barinutrics Iron

Barinutrics Iron Strawberry

▶ Barinutrics Whey - Proteins

Proteins are the building blocks for our body. They help to keep our bones strong and to maintain our muscle mass. Barinutrics Whey is a low-calorie powder, formulated with a very pure whey protein isolate. Barinutrics Whey can help to achieve the daily protein requirement, as a supplement to the regular diet. It is recommended to take at least 60 grams of protein per day through food. If there is a protein deficiency in the body, this can cause muscle atrophy. After a stomach reduction, it is a difficult to absorb the recommended daily amount of protein through your diet only. Therefore, protein supplements are recommended to help maintain the muscle mass.

Barinutrics Whey

▶ Barinutrics NutriTotal

Barinutrics NutriTotal is a low-calorie powder based on whey protein isolate, enriched with 23 essential vitamins and minerals. One serving of this “all-in-1” powder mix contains the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals and 50% of the recommended amount of protein, i.e. 30 grams. Barinutrics NutriTotal can be used both before and after the bariatric procedure to treat any deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

1 serving of Barinutrics NutriTotal corresponds to 1 chewable tablet or 1 serving of Barinutrics Multi, 2 chewing tablets of Barinutrics Calcium Citrate and 1,5 serving of Barinutrics Whey.

Barinutrics NutriTotal

▶ Barinutrics Prenatal

The nutritional needs of women are different from the pregnancy wish to the end of the breastfeeding period. That is why Barinutrics has developed a pregnancy multivitamin that is specifically tailored to meet your needs after having a stomach reduction. During a pregnancy, the baby develops very quickly and the intake of specific vitamins and minerals is necessary.

Barinutrics Prenatal is a unique combination of 13 vitamines and 7 minerals specifically developed to meet your nutritional needs for vitamines and minerals after having a bariatric surgery, from pregnancy wish to breastfeeding. 

Barinutrics Prenatal

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