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Antioxidants are a collection of certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that ensure that free radicals do no cause any damage in our body. Free radicals are aggressive substances that arise in our body during oxidation processes. The damage these substances cause is called oxidative stress and occurs when there are too many free radicals or when these free radicals are in an unwanted place in the body. Not all free radicals are bad. They can for example also make bacteria harmless or clean up damaged proteins in the muscles after exercising.

Antioxidants have many health benefits. For example, they may slow down the ageing process and play a role in the prevention of cancer. However, taking too many antioxidants can have a negative effect. We therefore recommend to always consult your doctor or pharmacist of you are having doubts.

Examples of important antioxidants are vitamin E, vitamin C, glutathione, selenium, zinc, beta carotene and bioactive substances such as flavonoids from fruit and vegetables. Foods that are rich in antioxidants include chocolate, nuts, whole grains, grapes, prunes, pomegranate, raisins, strawberries, raspberries, spinach, broccoli and red onions.

At Optiphar you can find a wide range of dietary supplements with an antioxidant effect. In our webshop you can find supplements in the form of ampoules, effervescent tablets, sachets, capsules, tablets, drops, syrup and tea. We offer all the premium brands such as Natural Energy, Mannavital, Deba and Decola.

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