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Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT6520
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-25% Tena ProSkin Wet Wash Gloves Mildly Scented
€ 2,59
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Cutisoft Non-Sterile Non Woven Compresses 5 x 5 cm
Free Sample Cicaplast B5 Spray 5ml (1 per order)
-25% TENA Silhouette Plus High Waist Cream L
€ 15,09
Promotion valid until 31/09/2021
-25% TENA Discreet Maxi Night
€ 9,79
Promotion valid until 31/09/2021
GMB Ginseng Coffee Black
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Optiphar has a wide range of care products that help keep you healthy. Discover how we can help you and provide your body the care it deserves.

Incontinence or involuntary loss of urine can be very annoying and uncomfortable. It can occur at any age, but it is mostly women and elderly people who are affected by it. Firm and supportive incontinence material is essential in these cases. Well-known brands such as Tena, Attends, Hartmann and Always offer a wide range of incontinence materials to protect you all throughout your day. Discover our extensive range of brands.

Podology deals with the structure, function and physiopathology of the foot in relation to higher-lying segments such as the knees, hips or back. Our feet often have a hard time. Wrong footwear and strenuous exercise or injury are just a few causes of foot problems such as hammer toe, corn, heel spur or hallux valgus. Optiphar offers a wide selection of products from brands such as Epitact, Scholl and Bota. These brands help relieve foot problems and the pain that often comes with them.

Support stockings and bandages logically serve to support our body. Support stockings relieve the pain of physical discomfort such as varicose veins or swellings, but they can also be worn to prevent these discomforts. Brands such as Bota, Jobst and Scholl are the most popular brands and are available at Optiphar. Support bandages are created to provide the necessary rest and support to our body in case of injuries. They also help to relieve pain. Well-known brands such as Epitact, Futuro, Sloan, Mcdavid and Push care give you the support you need.

Optiphar has a wide range of self-tests that you can use yourself in a comfortable, anonymous way. At Optiphar, you can find alcohol tests and drug tests, allergy tests, blood strips and urine strips, pH tests and stomach and bowel prevention tests. You can also test for a high cholesterol, iron deficiency, gluten intolerance, STDs, HIV, menopause, urinary tract infections and fertility. All these self-tests from well-known brands are available from Optiphar.

Optiphar also offers an extensive range of medical devices from well-known brands such as Braun, Omron, Hartmann and Vicks. These medical devices ensure that your symptoms such as fever, high blood pressure or cholesterol can be detected by, for example, a thermometer or blood pressure monitor. These medical instruments can also help with existing conditions. You will find aerosol compressors in the range to improve your breathing, saturation meters and scales that measure your fat percentage.

More and more people are choosing to be cared for at their home. To be able to provide the best home care, it is important to have the right products such as adapted bedding and pillows, gloves, needles and syringes, etc. These and other products from famous brands such as Tempur, Hartmann and Sissel can be found in the range of care products from Optiphar.

Are you following a specific medical diet? Do you have an allergy to certain nutrients such as gluten or lactose? Do you suffer from a swallowing disorder? Medical or dietary foods have a modified composition which means that certain nutrients have been omitted or are offered in minimal quantities. That way you too can enjoy your favourite food. Optiphar has a wide selection of medical foods from well-known brands such as Fortimel, Delical, Fresubin, Resource and Prodia.

Diabetes is a condition that is characterised by high blood sugar levels. The cells are unable to absorb enough sugar, so that it remains trapped in the blood. It is therefore essential to check your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. Devices that can help you with this are OneTouch, Accu Chek and Bayer Contour Next. These and other products are available in the Optiphar range.

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