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Dietary Supplements

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D-Cure Oil Solution
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Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are an excellent addition to the daily diet and contain numerous minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that can quickly and efficiently supplement any deficiencies you might have.

Optiphar has a wide selection of dietary supplements from well-known brands, such as XLS and Kineslim, which can help you lose weight. These supplements often contain caffeine, green tea, carnitine or CLA and increase the metabolism, stimulate fat burning or prevent fat absorption. The range of Optiphar includes appetite suppressants, carbohydrate blockers, tea, fat binders, fat burners, supplements that have a diuretic effect and help to get a flat stomach.

Do you suffer from allergies, fatigue, stress or tired legs? Or do you have problems with your blood sugar level, memory, cholesterol, resistance, throat, stomach, intestines or joints? At Optiphar you will find an appropriate dietary supplement for each problem. All the well-known brands, such as Trenker, Mannavital, Be Life and Dexsil, are included in Optiphar's range.

It is important, however, that you always bear in mind that dietary supplements cannot replace a healthy and varied diet, but that they are a useful supplement to that diet. They offer extra support and can provide you with more energy. Therefore, dietary supplements are especially recommended in specific situations, for example during pregnancy, in case of an increased mental or physical effort or for the elderly.

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