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Dietary supplements for a cough

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Dietary supplements for a cough

Are you suffering from a cold? Coughing can be just one of the annoying symptoms of a cold. It is a way for our bodies to purify the airways and remove germs. It is therefore not always the best solution to choose a treatment that will stop you from coughing. First try to find out what causes your cough and what type of cough you are dealing with.

When there is phlegm in the airways, you have a mucus cough. If there is no mucus, you have a dry cough. Depending on the type of cough you have, you can take a dietary supplement that to help relieve your symptoms. In the case of a mucous cough, a supplement can help to loosen phlegm. This makes it easier to cough it up. With a dry or tickling cough, there is more irritation in the throat and a dietary supplement can help to soothe this irritation. This can help to reduce the annoying and itchy feeling in your throat.

At Optiphar you can find a wide range of supplements in the form of syrup, tablets and capsules, that have been specifically formulated for the type of cough that you suffer from. In our range you can find products from well-known brands such as Soria, Tilman and Nutrisan. At Optiphar you can also find medicines that help to soothe your throat when you have a cough.

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