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Dietary supplements for colds


It is a myth that bad weather and changing temperatures can cause a cold. Getting wet or getting cold does not seem to have an impact on the development of a cold. A cold is caused by a virus. If you have a reduced resistance, for example due to tiredness or a poor nutrition, you are particularly susceptible to a cold. Children get on average 8 times a year a cold, while adults only get one about 3 to 4 times.

Colds are harmless and usually disappear after 2 to 10 days. However this does not make them any less annoying. A stuffy nose, loss of appetite, coughing and breathing difficulties are just a few of the inconveniences associated with a cold. Optiphar offers a range of dietary supplement to effectively fight a cold. Our wide range consists of cough syrups, throat sprays, throat tablets, nose sprays and much more.

At Optiphar you can also find medicines that help you to quickly overcome your cold. Products to help cleanse your nose in case of nasal congestion and other aids can be found in our category "Well-Being". Optiphar offers both medicines and supplements for babies and children that have been specially developed to help them overcome a cold as quickly as possible.

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