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Dietary supplements for the memory and concentration

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-20% A. Vogel Vital Wheat-Germ Oil
€ 10,49
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-30% Natural Energy Thyrex
€ 25,00
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-30% Natural Energy Energy Complex
€ 32,99
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-30% Natural Energy L-Tyrosine 500 mg
€ 26,50
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-20% Nutrisan FocuSan
€ 32,08
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Cogniton Focus
-20% Biocure Long Action Intellect Student Promo*
€ 23,85
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-20% Davitamon Teens Boost 12+
€ 19,59
Promotion valid until 29/02/2020
Cerebrum Student
Bioamoles Cholekrill
-25% Biocure Max
Biocure Max 10 tabletten Biocure
€ 14,25
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Deba Memoton
Deba Memoton 60 capsules Deba
16 32 64

Dietary supplements for the memory and concentration

As we get older, we sometimes forget things. It happens to everyone! Concentration problems are not linked to age. Those who suffer from concentration problems have difficulty focusing and are easily distracted. Stress, alcohol, sleep deprivation and certain medicines have a negative influence on your memory and concentration. Avoiding these things will therefore help your memory, but did you know that dietary supplements can also contribute to a better concentration? These supplements often contain fish oil (omega fatty acids), L-carnitine, ginseng, ginkgo biloba or vitamin E.

Are you looking for a dietary supplement to help improve your memory or increase your concentration? At Optiphar you can find a wide range of natural supplements that stimulate your memory and increase your mental focus. These supplements stimulate your alertness and are often used to increase learning performance, especially among students.

In the range of Optiphar you can find dietary supplements from well-known brands such as Natural Energy, Nutrisan, Davitamon, Trenker, Biocure and Solgar.

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