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Hay fever

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Hay fever

Hay fever is an allergy that causes numerous annoying complaints, such as a running or stuffy nose, sneezing and watery or red eyes. The symptoms of hay fever or allergic rhinitis resemble those of a cold. However, with a cold, the symptoms will disappear after a few days, while symptoms can persist for a few weeks if you are suffering from an allergy.

Hay fever is caused by pollen grains or bulbs from trees, grasses, herbs or weeds. Depending on the type of pollen you are allergic to, your symptoms will occur between February and March.

At Optiphar you can find various dietary supplements that help you effectively prevent and treat the symptoms of hay fever. In our range you can buy well-known brands such as Solgar and B + Pharma (Alperill). In addition to dietary supplements, we also offer a selection of medicines that you can use to treat allergy symptoms.

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