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Dépiwhite Mask
-20% La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Steriel Tissuemasker
€ 6,50
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-20% Lierac Lumilogie Even-Tone Brightening Mask
€ 35,00
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-20% Avène Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Mask
€ 22,90
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-417 Whitening Beauty Mask
This product is currently not available.
-417 Mineral Peel-Off Mask
This product is currently not available.
-20% Avène Tolérance Extreme Mask
This product is currently not available.
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Face masks for the treatment of redness and pigmentation spots

A face mask temporarily "closes" your skin. This means the moisture and heat is retained by the skin. This process ensures a better blood circulation in the skin. The skin cells receive more oxygen and nourishment. Waste products can be removed more efficiently. The skin loses any skin flakes it might have, resulting in a smoother skin.

Do you have pigmentation spots on your face, chest or neck? The right mask can help you to reduce pigmentation spots and prevent them from reappearing. These masks also ensure that your complexion will look more even. Do you suffer from redness or couperose in your face? A soothing and calming mask that has been specially developed for this skin type can help you control rosacea and make your skin feel more comfortable. These masks help to calm reactive skin and repair skin irritations and damage.

In the wide range of Optiphar you can find face masks from premium brands such as Avène, Lierac and Uriage. Check out our range of purifying masks, anti-aging masks and moisturising masks as well!

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