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Optiphar has a wide range of medicines that guarantee to keep you healthy. Please note that you can only order medicines from Optiphar that are available without a prescription. Medication for which a prescription is required cannot be ordered online.

Allergies such as hay fever or dust mites are more present than ever in our society, with all the annoying physical inconveniences these allergies entail. Allergy symptoms are different for each person, but common allergic reactions resemble cold symptoms such as a runny nose or respiratory problems. The use of Allergodil or Otrivine Duo (note: you can use these nasal sprays for a maximum of 7 consecutive days), which are available at Optiphar, can alleviate these inconveniences. Allergies can also lead to fatigue, a poor night's sleep or concentration problems. These complaints often have a different origin such as stress and emotional overload. Sedistress and Neurexan are examples of products that ensure that you sleep like a baby again at night.

A cold is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract and is caused by a virus. A common cold is usually harmless and will go away after a few days, but they still cause annoying physical discomforts. Cold symptoms such as coughing, a sore throat, a blocked nose or mucus can be easily soothed with medicines such as Rhinathiol syrup, Strepsils, Rhinospray or Otrivine. These and other products are available in the Optiphar webshop. 

Skin problems or skin conditions such as acne, bruising, infections, itching, cold sores, fungi or warts are very annoying. Burns, scrapes, open wounds and cuts can also be extremely painful. It is important to treat skin problems and wounds in a correct way in order to prevent further damage to the skin and possible scarring. Products such as Flamigel, Cremicort, Inotyol, Daktarin, Fusidin, Dettol and Iso Betadine are used for various skin problems. Other skin care products are also available at Optiphar. 

Do you want to quit smoking but need help? Try Nicorette, Nicotinell or one of the other products from the Optiphar range.

Sooner or later we all get to deal with sore or stiff muscles and/or joints. We then need a quick pain relief that ensures that we can move freely again without pain. Voltaren Emulgel, Voltaren Spray, Reflex Spray, Flexium Cream, Flexium Gel and Flexium Spray are examples of products that have a positive effect on sore muscles and joints. Heavy or tired legs are also a common physical discomfort. Products such as Antistax and Venoruton relieve your legs and make them feel energetic again. Dafalgan, Ibuprofen, Paracetemol and Nurofen are products that effectively fight pain. These and other pain killers are available at Optiphar. 

At Optiphar, you can find medicines to help treat stomach and intestinal problems. Our body receives so many nutrients every day that our digestive system works overtime. Occasionally, physical complaints may arise such as constipation, diarrhoea, cramps, nausea, heartburn or bloating. Products such as Buscopan, Enterol, Laxido and Gaviscon relieve you of various complaints and ensure a healthy intestinal flora. Take a look at the wide range of Optiphar medicines and find the product that you are looking for.

In addition, Optiphar offers a wide range of homeopathic remedies to heal your ailments and relieve discomforts in a natural way.

Do you prefer soluble tablets or capsules that you can swallow with some water? Do you prefer suppositories or rather chewable tablets? Optiphar offers a wide selection of ampoules, sachets, drops, effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, melting tablets, suppositories, powders, capsules and syrups, so that you can choose which method of administration you prefer.

In addition to medicines for adults, Optiphar has an extensive range of products that are specifically developed for use with children and babies.

Search, find and order prescription-free medicines online at the Optiphar webshop.

Note: Always use medicines carefully. If you want advice, feel free to contact Optiphar by e-mail or telephone, or visit your doctor.

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