Nail biting

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Nail biting

Nail biting in the unconscious impulse that nail biters cannot control and repeat unconsciously. It mainly occurs in exciting situations and periods of stress, boredom, anger, etc. Biting your nails will make them weaker and shorter. In addition, it is bad for your health. Think of the many bacteria that are hidden under your nails and end up in your mouth.

Stopping nail biting sometimes seems impossible, but it certainly isn't. To help you break this bad habit, we offer a variety of products.

In our online shop you can find nail biting pens and nail polish, which you can apply to the nail edges. These products have a very bitter taste which will prevent you from biting your nails. This is very effective for people who often don't even realise they are biting their nails. The smell and taste of these products are not transferred when you touch something.

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