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-20% Forté Pharma FortéRub Honey
€ 7,95
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-20% Bach Rescue Plus Bonbons
€ 6,19
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-20% Tilman Biolys Herbal Tea Green Forest
€ 5,20
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-20% Tilman Calmiderm Cream Offer*
€ 8,90
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-20% A. Vogel Viscum Album
€ 10,45
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-30% Bional Venal Cream Legs
€ 9,95
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
Heel Engystol
Heel Engystol 250 tablets Heel
-20% A. Vogel Aesculaforce Forte
€ 16,99
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-20% Bach Rescue Drops
€ 20,49
Promotion valid until 30/09/2021
-35% XLS Medical Tea
€ 29,95
promotion valid until 30/09/2021
Bij Dingens Propolis Druppels A PR0006
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Unda Calendula Ointment
Free Sample Cicaplast B5 Spray 5ml (1 per order)
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Natural products

Natural therapies are alternative ways of medicine which do not use any medication. There has been a growing interest in this type of method since the 1980s. The products that are used are 100% pure and natural and often contain plant extracts or other natural ingredients. At Optiphar, you will find an extensive choice of organic products and natural therapies that help you get rid of your ailments in a natural and healthy way. 

At Optiphar you can find a variety of aromatherapy products which have a positive effect on your well-being and health. They are fomulated based on essential oils. This healing method is often used for complaints such as tensions, anxiety and insomnia. Aromatherapy can also help with other ailments such as sore muscles and/or joints, a poor blood circulation or being overweight. In our range you can discover well-known brands such as Phytosun, Puressentiel and Pranarom.

Bach flower therapies from known brands such as Bach can also be found in the range of natural products at Optiphar. Bach flower therapies or Bach flower remedies use Bach flowers. These blossoms come from plants, bushes and trees and balance negative emotions. Have you recently experienced feelings of depression, listlessness or sadness? Then the Bach Flower Remedies available at Optiphar might be able to help you.

Homeopathy is the best known natural therapy. This remedy starts from the idea that our body is capable of fighting an ailment by administering a substance that is responsible for this ailment. Homeopathy therefore has many application areas. Well-known brands such as A. Vogel, Dr. Ernst, Reckeweg, Heel and Boiron produce such homeopathic remedies. These and other products are available in the Optiphar webshop.

In addition to natural therapies, Optiphar also has a wide selection of natural creams, vegetable oils and teas from well-known brands such as Tilman, A.Vogel, Arkopharma, Puressentiel, Weleda, Pranarom, Reckeweg and Boiron. These products offer support for complaints such as a poor blood circulation, reduced resistance, sore and/or stiff muscles and joints, bruises or insect bites.

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