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-30% Etixx Magnesium 2000 AA
Etixx Magnesium 2000 AA 30 effervescent tablets Etixx
€ 19,99
Promotion valid until 30/11/2019
Flexagile Cream
Deba L-Glutathion 150 mg
promotion valid until 30/11/2019
-20% Soria Mgdose Tirosina Complex
€ 24,75
Promotion valid until 30/11/2019
-20% Epitact Sport Orthosis Hallux Valgus S
€ 36,95
Promotion valid until 30/11/2019
-20% Be Life Super Multi-Enzymes
€ 28,90
Promotion valid until 30/11/2019
-30% Etixx Isotonic Energy Gel Limon
€ 29,99
Promotion valid until 30/11/2019
-30% Etixx Chondro Gluco 1500
€ 46,99
Promotion valid until 30/11/2019
-20% Hansaplast Sport Anti-Blaar Tape 2,5 m x 5 cm
€ 7,99
Promotion valid until 30/11/2019
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Sport products

Are you a professional athlete or ambitious amateur? Do you like cycling, circuit training, power training, soccer or any other sport? Thanks to the wide range of sports products offered by Optiphar, you have more energy and stamina and you can improve your sports performance.

If you exercise often and intensively, it is recommended to supplement your diet with dietary supplements that ensure that your health and resistance are maintained. Therefore, regularly use a dietary supplement that replenishes the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in your body. Nutritional supplements that contain proteins and creatine will ensure that your muscle strength increases and that you recover faster after physical exertion. These dietary supplements are the ideal supplement for endurance athletes who exercise for a long time and intensively. 

You can also find sports nutrition and performance-enhancing sports products in the Optiphar range, for example energy bars, sports drinks, sports gels, shakes, vitamins and supplements from well-known sports brands, including Etixx, 6d Sports Nutrition and Performance. These products will support you before, during and after exercise.

Are you injured or do your muscles get stiff? Optiphar offers a solution for you: sports plasters or tape, support bandages and massage gels will help you relieve your pain.

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