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Your well-being is important to Optiphar. Take a look at our wide range of care products that help relieve all your ailments and physical discomforts.

Good weather is often characterised by the arrival of insects. Insect bites usually cause itching, pain or swelling. These discomforts often disappear after a few hours or days and insect bites have no serious physical consequences. However, it is still better to prevent them. Optiphar offers an extensive selection of anti-insect products from well-known brands such as Parakito, Moustimug, Care Plus and Mouskito. You have a choice of numerous sprays, rollers and bracelets that ensure that mosquitoes, ticks, wasps or other insects do not stand a chance. Most of our anti-insect products contain Deet which enhances the effect of these products. For people who are sensitive to Deet and children, Optiphar also has a range of natural anti-insect products. 

Good eye care is necessary to keep a sharp eyesight, to observe depth and to prevent eye problems such as cataracts or glaucoma. Dry eyes or irritated eyes can also cause a blurred vision. Products such as Systane, Thealoz, Hyabak, Optrex, Optive, Ocal, Optilan or Oculoheel, available at Optiphar, offer a solution for many eye ailments. Are you short-sighted or far-sighted? Does your child have a lazy eye? Optiphar has a wide selection of prescription eyeglasses from Lensfactory, daily and monthly lenses and eye patches. 

Hearing protection and a correct ear cleaning are extremely important, because hearing damage and ear problems such as ringing in the ears are usually not curable. Hearing protection is usually purchased to mitigate noise during, for example, a festival, concert or while making or listening to music. At Optiphar you can find numerous headphones and earplugs from well-known brands such as Blox, Alpine, NoNoise and Quies that give your ears sufficient protection. At Optiphar you can also find product to clean your ears. Make sure you always do this correctly and only clean the ear and opening of the ear canal.

A good intimate hygiene is necessary to keep the genitals healthy. An incorrect or inadequate intimate care disrupts the natural balance. At Optiphar you have a wide choice of care products such as tampons, sanitary napkins, ointments, creams and gels from well-known brands such as Lactacyd, Tampax, Saforelle and Deumavan that properly clean and protect your genitals. Our products are soap-free and suitable for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. Is your sex life in need of a boost? Take a look at the extensive range of condoms and lubricants from Durex and Manix, among other brands. 

In the product assortment of Optiphar, you can also find disinfectants such as an antibacterial hand gel from Assanis or DAX. Disinfection is necessary to prevent germs of spreading. Products from brands such as Dettol ensure that your skin, wounds or surfaces are properly cleaned.

Are you going on holiday soon? At Optiphar you can find travel-sized formats of your favourite care products. Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, balms, masks and cleaning wipes from famous brands such as Klorane, Nuxe, Caudalie and Care Plus ensure that the weight of your suitcase is limited while you can still enjoy your favourite skin care on holiday.

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