How to prevent mosquitoes from biting you?

The temperatures are rising and the days are growing longer. Unfortunately this also means mosquitoes will be here soon. Do you notice you are getting more mosquito bites than your family or friends? This may be due to your body heat, your body odours and the carbon dioxide in your breath. These all differ for each person, which means mosquitoes are more attracted to certain people. In this blog you'll find the best mosquito repellents and some advice on how to prevent this itchy bites!

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Six ways to keep mosquitoes away 

1. Products containing DEET

DEET is a very strong insect repellent that is present in a wide range of mosquito repellents. This ingredient is mainly used to prevent mosquitoes from biting and can be applied onto the skin. By applying DEET, mosquitoes will not be able to pick up on your scent. This will avoid them biting you. At Optiphar we offer a variety of products containing DEET, such as lotions, roll-on products, sticks, gels and sprays. Products with a concentration of 20% DEET effectively work for a period of about 4 hours, products with a concentration of 30% DEET work for about 4 hours and products with a concentration of 40% DEET work for about 8 hours. Products with a concentration of 50% DEET prevent mosquitoes from biting you for a period of 10 hours. The higher the concentration of DEET in a product, the longer the product will act as an effective repellent for mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents containing DEET can be find in different categories at Optiphar:

Mosquito repellents < 20% DEET
Mosquito repellents 20% - 30% DEET
Mosquito repellents 40%- 50% DEET

2. Ensure there is moving air in your houses

Mosquitoes do not like wind. They are fairly weak and wind makes it more difficult for them to fly and land. Keep your windows open during the day and at night (using a window screen). Get a good fan if you do not have any window screens. A fan will keep mosquitoes at a distance and will help you cool down on those warm summer nights.

3. Keep areas where mosquitoes tend to go clean

Avoid standing water. Mosquitoes tend to lay eggs in standing water and this obviously increases the risk of a mosquito infestation. Examples are rain water tanks, gutters, flower pots, basements and half-full glasses. Do not forget to regularly give your pet fresh water as mosquitoes might lay their eggs here as well. Ensure there is no standing water in these places, which will make it less attractive for mosquitoes.

4. Avoid strong scents

If you do not want to get bitten by mosquitoes, we recommend you to avoid using any strong scents, for example in perfume, shampoo, body lotion and hand cream. Mosquitoes are attracted by strong scents. Scents that mosquitoes tend to avoid are mint, vanilla, garlic, vinegar and catmint.

5. Protect yourself with mosquito repellents

At Optiphar, we offer a large range of products to protect yourself against mosquito bites. Our range includes bracelets that keep mosquitoes at a distance. These Parakito bracelets diffuse a mixture of essential plant oils during a period of 15 days. Mosquitoes to not like the scent of these plant oils, which means they will be kept at a distance. The bracelets can also be worn by people who are sensitive to skin allergies and irritation. You can also find a wide variety of sprays, creams and lotions containing DEET at Optiphar to help prevent mosquito bites.

Protect yourself thanks to the following mosquito repellents:

6. Protect yourself against mosquitoes and the sun

During the day, when the sun is shining, mosquitoes are active as well. It is important to apply a sun protection product as well as a mosquito repellent. Are you looking to protect your skin against the damaging effects of the sun and to prevent mosquito bites at the same time?

Follow these steps:
• Apply a sun care product onto the skin about half an hour before sun exposure. 
• Let the sun care product set for about 30 minutes before applying an insect repellent. 
• If applying both products at the same time, the DEET will decrease the effect of the SPF in your sun care product. This means you will be protected as well against sunburn and damaging UV rays. Reapply you sun care product frequently. 

Note that we also offer mosquito repellents that also have a sun protection factor. These products will prevent mosquitoes from biting you and will protect your skin in case of sun exposure.

Protections against mosquitoes and the sun:

How to treat mosquito bites

Have you been bitten by a mosquito? You will very quickly notice some swelling and itching at the exact spot where the mosquito has bitten you. The redness will disappear after a couple of hours, but the itching that goes with mosquito bites might lasts for a several days.

If you have a mosquito bite, our products can help relieve the itching. At Optiphar, we offer a wide range of soothing products to help relieve itching and reduce swelling. These products also stimulate the skin repair. 

Treat mosquito bites with the following products:

Medicines for the treatment of insect bites and itching:

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